The Myths About MIPS

About the myths about MIPS show

March 26, 2021

About our show..

We’ve come together to explore the myths about participating in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System to share our experience and help you understand the difference between what is fact and what is fiction, so you can decide what help or support is right for your medical practice.

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About our hosts

host-erika.png Erika Krivenko, CPHQ, PCMH CCE, CMOM

Erika is experienced in using reimbursement methodologies and business analytics to help practices minimize administrative costs, and improve provider quality metrics. She provides leadership to commercial and clinical teams that result in increased productivity and effectiveness.



host-carrie.png Carrie Shepard Manager, Healthcare Performance and Quality Improvement

Carrie has extensive experience consulting in the healthcare industry and providing valuable solutions to her clients. Carrie provides expert instruction on quality, resource use, compliance, clinical practice improvement, and guidance on various forms of healthcare technology.




Julia Zieger, CCMA Healthcare Performance and Quality Improvement Manager

Julia - Has worked as a Clinical Regulatory Information Specialist and Consultant specializing in the Merit-Based Incentive System (MIPS) for more than 4 years. She has extensive clinical expertise with dermatological conditions, surgical procedures, billing, coding, and compliance programs.

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